Jorja Smith’s new song By Any Means paints a picture of Black British life following the Black Lives Matter Protest. The video includes portraits of families, friends, neighbours and our very own FBB graduates: Debra, Marley and Daniel!

Jorja Smith’s title of her new song and video By Any Means relays back to Malcom X’s famous speech in 1964 during America’s civil rights movement. The fight for Justice, Freedom and Equality echoes from the past and is still ongoing in the present  - as we have witnessed with the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd by police officers in America. 

Jorja Smith's message to the next generation.

Debra, Marley and Daniel are captured sitting together laughing and smiling together in a video that aims to celebrate black british youth. Jorja Smith’s new video shows “beautiful black life as it should be captured. It shouldn’t be triggering...This is how we should be seen.” Representation plays an important role in the way we see ourselves, it inspires and encourages a new generation to see beyond what is already laid out for them.  To see change, equality and a future filled with opportunity.

The act of seeing and witnessing is important within the video. One particular moment that stands out is the image of Debra’s eyes, following the lyrics “ I can see your face, see the light in your eyes, I can see the change, I feel the heat of the fire.” Her eyes become an important symbol that reflect the light of change and hope. This is also reinforced by the last image of the video. An image that interchanges between all the eyes of the people that feature in the video, returning to the eye of a child. It is an image of strength and unity that ends on our collective responsibility towards the young. 


These images capture FBB’s mission, the young people are the focus. Everything FBB does focuses on helping young people, because they are the future. Change starts with them!

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