What Are The Challenges Facing Teenage Girls in 2021?

Today we publish our first ever Insights Report: "What are the challenges facing teenage girls in 2021?"Over the past month girls told us of the stresses of being a teenager: navigating their own learning and emotions whilst living through an actual pandemic. Trying to figure out how to develop as a person and express yourself is not an easy task in normal times, let alone a pandemic.The report details the voices of the girls and their practitioners, as we look to the future to understand what teenage girls need coming out of COVID-19. You can hear directly from them at our FBB Roundtable Discussion on Tuesday 30th March at 4pm, and download the report here.[pdf-embedder url="https://www.footballbeyondborders.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Girls_Experience_Impact_FBB-FINAL-draft-DEISE.pdf" title="WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES FACING TEENAGE GIRLS IN 2021?"] [pdf-embedder url="https://www.footballbeyondborders.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/WHAT-ARE-THE-CHALLENGES-FACING-TEENAGE-GIRLS-IN-2021.pdf" title="WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES FACING TEENAGE GIRLS IN 2021?"]

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