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As we adapt to the “new normal” and the difficulties posed by Covid19 to youth work practice, we are looking ahead and hiring new staff members to ensure we continue to have a real impact to the lives of young people. We are looking for talented, hard working and enthusiastic new staff members with a clear passion and drive to help young people.

With our society fragmented and many vulnerable young people feeling isolated, the need for our work is greater than ever before. We hope that these new hires will ensure that we can continue to build a staff team that reaches even more young people and supports them to deal with the long lasting effects of the lockdown period.

Who are we hiring?

The different roles available are (click the highlighted links to download a full PDF job description):

Senior Practitioner (London) - Who is based in London, passionate about and experience in working with young people.

Project Lead (Greater Manchester) - Who is passionate about and experienced in working with young people across Manchester and the North West of England.

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