The FBB Girls Takeover St. George's Park!

This Summer, the FBB girls took over the hallowed hallways of St. George’s Park: walking the same corridors as our Three Lions! 

Girls from all over the country on our programmes, in Greater Manchester and London, came together for a three night stay at St. George’s Park. The three days involved a leadership course in partnership with The FA, seeing the girls embark on their next chapter at FBB as Youth Leaders. 

The FBB girls photographed with Rachel Yankey OBE

Our partnership with the FA aims to encourage teenage girls to play football, and volunteer their time to support younger girls to stay in school and to successfully transition to adulthood - all whilst developing and maintaining a love for the game! 

The girls learnt the importance of leadership, celebrating their strengths and developing their weaknesses, and had the amazing opportunity to meet and experience a professional coaching session by the Lioness Legend herself, Rachel Yankey OBE.

We spoke to the FBB girls about what leadership means to them, and their favourite part of the trip.

FBB participant Jemima

For many of the girls, it was a moment where they met each other for the first time.  After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, the girls took advantage of the opportunity to socialise, making new friends and memories. Paige shared that it was a time where she was able to “come out of my comfort zone and talk to new people who had the same interests as me.” Paige explains that her experience at St. George’s Park helped her reflect that “everyone’s input is important and I shouldn’t worry about what others think of me. I am who I am and no one can change that.” We were proud to see a real sense of community, togetherness and sisterhood being built, with the girls showing continuous support for one another.

FBB participants Tyler and Isabelle

Our programmes not only support young people to be their best selves, but also for their next steps. When asked what they learnt about themselves, Chanel said that she has “the ability to lead other young girls and help them reach their full potential!”  The girls understood that embodying true leadership was about being a positive role-model, with Paige adding that it’s someone “who sets a good example for everyone, who is always willing to help others” and not afraid to be themselves and uplift those around them. 

Whether that is through our Graduate Employment Programme or as a Youth Leader, we want to ensure that our young people become leaders in their own schools and communities. 

FBB participant Liz holding up her drawing

Former England and Arsenal player, Rachel Yankey OBE said  “this has been an amazing project to be involved in and it’s great to see the girls really grow in stature across the programme. The work The FA and Football Beyond Borders are doing to help communities and support a better representation in football is so key to the future of our beautiful game.”

Meeting Rachel Yankey OBE was a highlight for many of the girls. The girls had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss key issues affecting women’s football.  Ella shared that she enjoyed hearing about Yankey’s football career from “the perspective of a woman.” With Paige adding that she learnt how much women's football has changed and the importance “for speaking for others who don’t have a voice” and paving the way for future generations.

Rachel Yankey OBE leading a coaching session with the FBB girls

The St. George’s Park leadership trip was a special moment where laughter, support and dance moves were shared. We are incredibly excited and proud to watch the girls embark on their new journey as Youth Leaders. Watch the full video here. 

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