Introducing the Class of 2021-2022!

Football Beyond Borders’ Annual Staff Training at St Albans marks the beginning of the academic year. An exciting time filled with connections, reflections and a renewal of intentions for the year ahead.

Here at FBB, we are proud to say that we have a talented, creative group of staff that are driven and committed to giving young people the best possible start in life. We were incredibly excited to welcome our new members of staff at this year's training- a team that is growing, and reaching new heights every year!

Both FBB’s London and Greater Manchester teams have grown this year, from 44 staff members last year to a team of 59- with our Greater Manchester team being the fastest growing region!

Joining our Programmes team in the Greater Manchester region , we have Educational Assistant, Mustapha Dumbuya and Project Lead, Yolanda Smith. In London, Project Leads Tom Parry and Jeremie Tchibo, and Educational Assistant Rhea Gall. And lastly Therapeutic Wellbeing Practitioners (TWP) Simmone Boyce and Melisa Erdem.

With this week marking the start of school, we sat down with some of our new starters to hear about their reflections from their induction period and what they are most looking forward to this academic year.  

Simmone shared that her experience at Staff Training was like “joining a huge family.” She shares that “although I will be working in one area of the organisation, it was great to find out what happens in the wider team.”

Simmone Boyce (London Senior TWP)

We learnt that for Simmone, her favourite activity of the trip was creating an inspiration tree, adding that “it helps going back to basics to think about your why... Mine were based on fictional characters and a football player. It’s a beautiful way to get creative, and think about the things that shaped me.”

Whereas Yolanda felt that the LGBTQ+ Workshop facilitated by expert Diversity & Inclusion trainer Josh Willacy was the most impactful, and “insightful”. Through this workshop Yolanda shares that she was able to “learn how to make both the world and the classrooms a more inclusive space, where young people are able to express themselves and learn at the same time.”

Yolanda Smith (North-West Project Lead)

FBB’s Team in Greater Manchester has continued to go from strength to strength. With more secondary school partners than ever before in the region, it is no surprise that for Mustapha, seeing the “expansion and growth of the region” is something that he is really looking forward to this year.

Mustapha Dumbaya (North-West Educational Assistant)

Working with teachers, and schools to support young people is a vital part of what it means to be a practitioner at FBB. For Jeremie, the thing he is most looking forward to this year is “working with teachers.” He remarked that it’s“important to build a connection with teachers to work towards our common goal of supporting young people.”

Jeremie Tchibo (London Project Lead)

At FBB, one of our core values is that we always strive to learn. Tom says that he can’t wait “to see the change in the young people I will be working with”, hoping to reflect next year on all the positive changes that the young people will make, and his growth and development at FBB as a Project Lead.

Tom Parry (London Project Lead)

We are delighted to welcome on board another wave of talented, hungry and passionate staff members ready to support the next generation of young people. Welcome to the FBB Family!

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