Football Beyond Borders and Gillette team up with Raheem Sterling to launch Made of What Matters campaign

Education charity Football Beyond Borders releases the first in a series of films in partnership with Gillette to launch their MadeOfWhatMatters campaign, featuring Raheem Sterling. 

Today more than ever, young people need role models in their lives who are relatable to help them to strive towards being the best versions of themselves that they can be. People who have been on similar paths to them and are embedded within their local communities. 

For us, football can be a powerful tool in enabling young people to thrive in their education and make successful transitions into adulthood. Therefore, this film focuses on three core messages.

The first looks at Gillette and FBB’s shared message about the power and importance of role models who are relatable to fans of all ages and backgrounds; The second gets across the message that wherever you are from is just as important to your growth as where you end up in life; The third sends a strong message to football fans, particularly young people, that they should be proud of who they are and never to leave anyone out on their own. 

FBB practitioner Nuh Hakim-Okomi, and participant, Mahmoud also feature prominently in the film demonstrating FBB’s core principle on the power and importance of young men looking up to a role model that they can relate to. Both Nuh and Mahmoud are based in the North West of England. 

With school exclusions currently at the highest point that have been in over a decade, it has never been more important for us to continue our work in schools and local communities, powered by key partners like Gillette committed to training the next generation of relatable practitioners for our masculinity modules in school. 

Football Beyond Borders partner with Gillette and Raheem Sterling to launch their MadeOfWhatMatters campaign

Speaking on the film and the wider partnership with Gillette, Co-Founder Jasper Kain said: 

“He is a real inspiration to our young people, a person they look up to on and off the pitch. For us, the definition of a leader is to be proud of who you and to always try and help others along the way. Raheem is a great role model in that he embodies this. The campaign embodies the power of football as a force for good which can have a transformational impact on the lives of young people.”

Gillette's commitment to FBB

As part of their commitment to the partnership, Gillette has pledged to donate money to Football Beyond Borders for every view the film receives. As previously mentioned, it will be the first of a series of films to release in collaboration with Gillette in the run-up to the Champions League, with the second film set to premiere at the Annual Football For All showcase at the Spurs stadium next week Wednesday.

Stay tuned for the second film set to be released in the coming weeks!

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