Can we raise 5k in 5 days to smash our FBB2020 target? Help us get over the line to fund our Virtual School!

It’s been an epic few weeks of physical activity and fundraising for the FBB2020 challenge so far. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the FBB Family we have already raised more than £15,000 from 600 different supporters, leaving us tantalisingly close to the target we set to help fund the FBB Virtual School this summer.

There has been some amazing work emerging from our Virtual School. In our Still Life project, participants have been creating sculptures and acrylic paintings, whilst expressing and discussing their emotions throughout the creative process. Professional artist Damien Weighill also created an incredible illustration inspired by our participant’s ‘Letter To The Future World’. You can find out more about the work we’ve been doing by watching this Virtual School explainer below:

The Virtual School would not be able to exist without significant support from the FBB family. Thankfully, our supporters have been flying since we began the FBB2020 challenge. Last week, we collectively passed the 20,000km mark in terms of the distance covered by individuals and teams walking, running or cycling. To put that distance into context, that is over half-way across the circumference of the entire planet!

With one week left to go, the grand total stands at just over 27,295 km, so we now hope we can #GoBeyond to surpass the 20,000 mile mark - that would be over 32,000km! A huge thanks to the Dark Horses & London Gorillas Team who organised a group cycle from London to Brighton on Saturday, raising well over £1000 in the process!


On the final weekend of the challenge, there will be plenty of FBB family activity for the final push. After weeks of training, it’ll be time for FBB supporters Max Cotton, Will Howe and Matt Hobson, who have already raised over £2500, to make their special athletic contribution to the cause. They’ll attempt to run 100 miles, an ultra-marathon distance, in under 20 hours! Starting on Saturday evening, they’ll be running laps around Bermondsey Spa Gardens in London throughout the night and into Sunday. We’ll be there supporting them in a socially distant but energetic way to help them get over the line on Sunday, so please do come down if you’d like to cheer them on!

A huge shout out also goes to the Dulwich Hamlet Women’s team, who are our biggest collective fundraisers so far having raised over £3000 already. They will are planning for a final group run together on the last weekend too. Last but not least, another FBB Supporter, James Connor, who has raised over £1000, will also be running the final leg of his epic month long challenge, covering a combined 220 miles by running to 12 different stadiums across London. The last leg will take him from Brockley to Brentford! We wish James the best of luck and we hope to catch up with him somewhere along the way.

We hope that even more members of the FBB family can pull together for one final push to get us over the line. If you haven’t yet, please consider getting active with your friends, colleagues or family, and donating to our campaign page here:

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