A sell-out start to our national campaign!

Last month, we launched our first national campaign around the importance of young people remaining in school with our Beyond Lockdown photography book, which we are delighted to announce sold out within one week of launch! 

The book demonstrates the incredible potential and positivity of young people; alongside their realisation of what school means to them - that school is not just about education and learning but, crucially, it is about socialising with friends and a sense of connection.

Here are some reflections from early recipients of the book:

I have been pouring over the pages of the FBB book. It is a beautiful book, not only for its amazing content and insight into the young people you work with but also a beautiful mastery of photography and art.” 

I found it incredibly moving to read how much, personally, school meant and means for children. It provided a very poignant, beautifully collated and personal perspective on lockdown and how crucial it is to prevent the exclusion of children from school.

“Many thanks for my copy of the Beyond Lockdown book, after a busy day today I thought I would treat myself to a sit down and proper look through it. I was struck by the varied comments from young people and the many losses and gains over this period of time.”

“When I was at school we were given a book to commemorate the fall of the Berlin wall (yes I am that old!) which I still have now. It reminded me of that but actually it’s much better due to its focus on the experiences of young people and how lockdown touched their lives. As well as a great way to highlight FBB’s work.”

We are now printing a second run of the book which can be ordered from our website. In the words of FBB co-director Jack Reynolds, “it is the must have Christmas present of 2020”! For every book purchased we will be gifting a copy to a school. 

To order a copy click here.

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