Tiam's Story

Albion Academy, Year 2

Tiam is a young person with bundles of energy and a sharp and intelligent mind, but his feelings about school and authority came from a place of deep distrust.

For Tiam, school was an environment where he found it difficult to respond to the curriculum and felt unable to channel his energy into positive relationships with his peers and his teachers. This led to arguments as Tiam often perceived that he was being treated unfairly and he received a number of negative behaviour points and fixed term exclusions.

Despite this initially leading to difficulties in lots of his relationships, Tiam has begun to see his role within FBB as the ‘master of his own ship.’ He has responded well to clear targets and his listening skills have improved remarkably. He actively engages in sessions, asking difficult questions and providing insightful and inquisitive answers.
Tiam has shown an improved ability to reflect on the reasons why he reacts to his peers and his teachers and has shown a good understanding of choice and consequence. He put himself forward for the Still Life creative project, learning to talk about the world of art and forming new relationships with young people and practitioners outside of his school. His hilarious description of his cyborg sculpture has gone down in FBB folklore.

Debra & Shalukah as part of FBB's HerStories series
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