Slide OUR MISSION FBB supports young people who are passionate about football but disengaged at school in order to help them finish school with the skills and grades to make a successful transition into adulthood. We do this by providing long-term, intensive support, built around relationships and young people’s passions, in the classroom and beyond. FINISH SCHOOL 98% of our young people
finished the year in school.
SKILLS 60% of our young people improved
their SEL scores over the course
of the year.
GRADES 78% of our young people achieved a
Level 4 or above in their English
& maths GCSEs.
403 “In many parts of the country, the system that should be supporting our school children is letting them down. This year, for the first time, every family experienced the challenge of children not being in school. Now we all know what it means when our children lose their education. We must use this awareness as an opportunity to ensure we do everything we can to ensure that young people remain in school and do not become socially isolated at this critical stage in their lives.”
– Jack Reynolds, Co-Director, Football Beyond Borders